September 10th, 2004


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uh well, Today was craptacular.

To sum it all up for you- so far everyday of school has been boring. Not much has happened in any of my classes. Few changes, not much though. Every swim meet so far has been cancled. Like the one that was supposed to be tomorrow. Yeah.. cancled. Damn. I was starting to accept it.

My parents and Felicia have been really moody lately. They don't understand my sarcasm anymore. I don't understand them.

I got my shirt in the mail (today)? My mom questioned me who The Clash were and what they sang. Of course, they passed and she handed my baby over. This is what I've been lookin' forward to. woot.

Three hurricanes in a row. man, third times a charm! I don't believe it will hit us, though everyones saying the eye is going to go directly over us. What-ever.

I have come to the conclusion I need a job. Quick. Fast. Now. Who will hire 14 year olds on the verge of turning 15? I don't know, but I will find out. Probably some grocery store like K & K or Publix. I don't prefer those places, but I'm going to keep my choices wide.

Tomorrow I was going to go see a movie with Felicia and her friends, but I'm not too sure now. Maybe I'll just stay home and rot away in the pool.

I've been getting bored a lot lately. It's like... in 1st period I'm some girl whos sleepy and only talks to a certain amount of people. Then 2nd I'm like whoa annoying to most of the people in the class, 3rd I'm pretty annoying, too, though I can just relax in that class and not do anything. 4th everyone at my table thinks I'm some genius only because I'm faking it. 5th is P.E. and I'm such a badass in that class (haha). Which leaves 6th, where I'm the worn-out girl who laughs and talks back to about everyting everyone says. Through-out all those emotional and physical changes I have in those classes I'm still bored. I guess that just means I'm just the same boring person all day....

This is the longest entry I've written in a while. Be happy, I'm probably not going to do this anymore.
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