September 1st, 2004


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Woot. Swim meet swim meet swim meet.
I'm so happy.
I'm so hyper.
I'm about to up-chuck.
I'm going to do HORRIBLE!
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ugh ugh ugh ughhhh!!!!!!!!

What a bunch of shit. Since there was lightning, we didn't have the swim meet. Of course that was after we got in the pool to have a mini-practice and all our parents drove 45 min. to get there. Yippee. Anyways, well. If we would have had the meet- I would have done...
50 backstroke
100 fly
100 backstroke
Not too shabby. I could've lived with that. Oh well. I'm disappointed. Though, the bus ride back was just too great. That was just the highlight of my day.
Anyways, today sucked. My patience with people is nonexistant at school. I probably wouldn't go to WC if I had the choice.
I feel as if I don't "belong".
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