August 31st, 2004



I was going to make this a hate entry. I had it all typed out, perfect and such, but then I decided not to post it. Since, well, it was just too obvious about who I was talking about. It really pissed me off.
Well, yeah, for the 4th or 3rd time, tomorrow is the 1st swim meet. of course, none of my friends will go since it's all the way at Gulf Highschool. Oh well, I prefer not to have them see me drown.
Swim practice was grand. Made friends with people who I would have never talked to before.
Okay, so technically I'm back to the whole vegetarian thing. I ate chicken salad last night, and I felt really sick afterwards. Maybe it was the chicken, or maybe it was because I've stayed veg. for so long now. No one knows. I don't even like soda anymore. I've drank too much gatorade the last couple of days.
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