August 30th, 2004


You do something to me that I cant explain.

I'm so sore. I'm about to cry. My arms hurt like a mutha.
We ended going to tonights open house. Pretty stupid. It was a waste of time, but yet bonus points, too. We ran into Mrs. Cullum (evil biatch science teacher) at the end. I didn't even bother going to her class since she is just a bunch of BS. I introduced her to el padre and she said how I'm a 'good" student. Whatever. Whatever. Whatever! I can't stand her. What a liar.
My parents bought a bunch of new cups/plates/bowls/forks/knifes/spoons, etc. etc.! Frankly, I don't give a damn what we eat off of, as long as it's not dirty/I don't have to wash the dishes. Damn I hate washing dishes.
I have so much stress on my shoulders. Or at least.. a lot compared to any stress I ever had before. I suppose it's because I've spent so much time on myself and what I want to do and I've just procrastinated everything.
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