August 29th, 2004


this is the end.

My internet is being a piece of shit right now. I keep disconnecting :[.
Last night was one long night. I went bowling with Erin. Then came home and watched the ending of Underworld . I love that movie.
My mom says I need a haircut. I'm starting to agree.... I was going to let it grow out so it could be like everyone else's shoulder length hair, but I dunno. I want a mohawk.
First swim meet is on Wednesday- in Gulf? I'm not sure. I'm not really nervous about it. I feel rather content about it.
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    Me v.s. Maradona v.s. Elvis // Brand New

I'm so completely IN-LOVE with incubus I could just like.. die right now.


 I got "Make Yourself" by Incubus. You wont believe how long I actually wanted that c.d.. I was going to get A Crow Left Of the Murder, but I decided not to. Anyways, yeah I got it! I'm happy. this made my day.

I made Felicia take me to target to buy it. Sometimes I love being her sister/she's able to drive, and sometimes I don't.

My dad left earlier to go get our new dining room table. I liked out old one :'[

It's only 3:17. I have so much work to get finished, but I keep procrastinating it. Oh well. I'll go swimming, then do it... or, well, watch t.v. before starting. Uhh...

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