August 25th, 2004


you are stellar

oh gee um. Let's recap my day.
1st: gay. gay. gay. nothing went on. Just work work work.
2nd: I played the roll of Aphrodite. Love is taking it's toll on people, lol.
3rd: OMG! Aliens are overtaking that class, and I know it.
4th: Ms. Cullum is EVERYWHERE. She's so weird. I wouldn't be surprised if she has my journal link.
5th: It was hot outside.. and Personal Fitness sucks.
6th: Some boy named Brandon sang along to the grammer Rock songs. Pretty dope.
swim: uh. yeah.
home: I made my campaigne stickers, beeotches. I'm going to stick them on random doors.
So, My day was overall boring. I've yawned 10 times in a row. I think I need some sleep.
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