August 20th, 2004


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Your LJ Pirate Quest by rachelthedemon
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Your First Mateterri_thrash
Your Cabin Boy/Girl___aqueous
Your Bodyguardim_superfly
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Your Obligatory Love Interestrusteford
The Fanservicey Onepink_hco_girl
Your Coveted TreasureBEER!
Number of people you kill to get it98,466
Number of times you get laid afterward861
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le bananes.

My, my, my. I am worn out. Swimming, hm.. We played a game at the end, and I was the third one left, haha. I feel so superior to everyone.. haha wtf. No I don't. I gave up finally, since it was just for stupid donuts which I wouldn't eat anyways.
My mom seems to be hanging out with Raymond's mom a lot more now. She's a fellow korean, too. It's pretty weird.
So far.. the chances are that I have to go to swim practice tomorrow. Wont be home till like 1 or something. Which sucks because I think I had plans.. I'm not sure anymore. But, yeah, swim practice ends at 11, but they want us to have this little gathering so we can meet everyone and exchange phone numbers. haha. Prank Phone Calls! woot. Everyone seems really nice.. I guess.
ramble ramble ramble. nothing to write. I'm out beeotches.
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