August 19th, 2004


Seasons came and changed the time...

I didn't know I'd ever look forward to Sundays. I jynxed myself with swimming. I'm tired. I have practice tomorrow and Saturday. How dope. Today was Xtreme ab workout. We did the butterfly/dolphin. Tomorrow is going to hurt even more, flip turns and dives. In other words, more Xtreme ab workout!. How exciting.
School was okay. I didn't exactly do anything out of the ordinary. No one died, or got injured. Today sucked.
Highschool is so cool in so many ways, yet so not-cool. I don't really talk to the people I did last year, which is okay, I guess. Though I really do miss some of them. They really did cheer me up when I was sad or anything, now it's like I have no one to talk to except for the people who are probably sick of my ranting.
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    Bang Bang (my baby shot me down) // Nancy Sinatra