August 15th, 2004


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There's too many damned brunettes in the world. I need to dye my hair, soon. Purple is still my first choice. I don't think my parents will agree with that. Maybe just a really bright red. I. Don't. Know.

I went bowling with Erin. Pictures are nonexistant, sorry. I think I might bring mein kamera to school or something.

I cant wait till Monday. This week has been so well... useless. I look forward to school on weekends, but look forward to weekends on weekdays. How messed up. I still have some homework to do. A Coat Of Arms for SCIENCE. I think this may involve one's heritage. WTF. I don't know. The teacher is all fun and games right now, therefore I like the class.

My dad said if I stick with swimming I will have a reward/present at the end of the season. Sweeeeeet. He asked what I wanted and I named off an electric guitar and some shirts. Well.. I don't think I'll ever get very good at the guitar. It's cool for a month and then not-so-cool the next month (for me, at least). I still want one... maybe then el bando will work out. So, I'm sticking with swimming. It'll really get me in shape for soccer, too. (Well, I'm not sure if I'll try-out though).

I plan to see A. Vs. P. soon. Felicia told me everything that happens, and it sounds like it would be good.

Ahh I'm just rambling.. it's late, and I'm sleepy. I feel very talkative though.
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To hell with you and all your friends

Today... was fun. Tomorrow wont be.. maybe. I don't know. Unless it rains tomorrow afternoon, I have swim practice. How depressing :[. Let's just hope it thunders. I still have to finish my stupid homework. I have so many things to doooooooooooooooooo. I have to read my book and write some stupid book report for it before the 27th. I have no good books. I guess it's time to go to Felicia's mini library *sigh*.
I feel so restless. I haven't been going to sleep very early. Usually I fall asleep around 3:30. I think I need some sleeping pills. I don't think 2 hours and 30 minutes is a decent amount of sleep. I surprisingly don't feel very tired when I wake up..
OMFG! I just forgot MY MOVIE IS ON! (not my movie.. but you know.. one of my favorites.. which I claim as mine. lol) AHH.. gotta go watch it.
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