August 14th, 2004


do you know what it feels like being aloneeeeee

Sooo ho ho. I just got back from shopping with the fam. I got some clothes plus the rest of my stupid school supplies. My bookbag is about to break.. there's so much stuff to carry *cries*.

I know this may sound extremely psycho, but I've been having reoccuring dreams that I accidently eat meat and break my vow to vegetarianism. wtf. They all happen to be really scary, too. This sounds bad, I bet you're thinking- "Gee, she must be very paranoid. She has nothing better to dream about?!", but it's not my fault. I had a dream about a chicken chasing me and eating a ham sandwich last night. It was horrible. Aw well, I now have no liking in le meat. Except for beef jerky. Man, I almost ate some yesterday. But, my mom stopped me. At least my mom is being supportive unlike Felicia and my dad.. eating meat infront of me. *sigh*

I watched the news all morning and they were showing the damages the hurricane made. I feel so bad for some of the unfortunate people. My aunt called this morning asking if we were okay. It shows that some of our relatives really do "care". That was nice.. I feel loved.

I'm off to hang up my clothes and clean my bed off (so I can nap).

au revoir
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