August 12th, 2004


Hurricane Surmericane.

Everyones scared about the hurricane. My escape from my boring home life (school) is cancled tomorrow, too. What a bunch of crap. I hope a tornado comes.. so I can take some pictures....

So, let's see... school. It's going good. I'm just getting too bored with it. It's the same routine, everyday.. nothing different. My best class is French. I know a couple people in there, but none that I talk to. Rainy and I paired up for this dialog crap, I know a girl named Chelsea (Erica's friend) and Felicia's friend- Sean. The funnest class is Journalism. Mr. Geier is weird, yet funny... I feel stupid laughing at his jokes, haha. Since our math teacher (Mrs. Bowens) lacks in a seating chart we can sit wherever we want. I normally come in late, so I'm stuck with the seat no one really wants to sit in. Today, I sat by some thugz. omfg. How cool. They were rapping and shyt. It was phat n' allz, so I think I'm going to ask if I can join their rap gang. Acceptance is mine *evil laugh*.

On the topic of school... I am also running for the Freshman class president. Haha how geeky is that. I know that more than likely I wont win. At least I know I have potential, and hey!, I'm running for president of the U.S. when I get older, so this is a good start. I feel as though, if I win, I will regret it. Of course, what the hell, I don't care. I've come up with a few ideas for posters. "Vote Krista for Freshman class prezident, cuz she be a thug 4 life". I'm sure I'll woe some voters with that shyatttt ryte thurr. I can't help it. I'm just too gangsta.

All I want to do is get carried away with a tornado. That's all I ask. Well, minus the injuries.
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