August 10th, 2004


we're gonna have a soul shakedown party, tonighttt.

So, I offically love French, since it's the easiest class. I wish I had more classes with people I know. I basically have no one in 1st, 2nd, 3rd (except, I sorta made a new friend), and 6th. I seemed to get no classes with people I want classes with the most. Which is very lame. I have bad luck... and I hate everyone who has classes with the (uhh..) people I wanted classes with! Pfft.
Anyways. Today was the first swim "practice". Not a lot of people I know was trying out, except for a few.
Being a vegatarian has been working out fine. Pretty hectic though when you live in a family who puts meat in almost everything. My mom is helping me, she bought me special food so that I don't have to eat the dinner she makes with meat. I still feel so pressured. My will-power has been growing stronger.
This year is going to drive me crazy. So much to do at school, then so much to do after school.... I wish there was like a period in the day when you could just sleep/sit around and talk. Of course... that could be considered lunch.
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