August 8th, 2004


last day of "freedom"

So, yesterday I went to Kara's birthday party, which was at Adventure Island. It was cool, though I got the worst sunburn on my back >_< Then.. when I got home I went to the movies with Chloe, Chanel, and some girl named Amber. Which was also cool. We saw "The Village". Even though I knew everything that would happen (Felicia saw it with my parents and she told me everything that happened), I still liked it. It could have been made MUCH better, that's for sure.
Tomorrow is the first day of school. I'm not excited anymore. I probably wont know anyone in my classes (which could be good, or bad, either one fits), and I feel too lazy to wake up at 6 and do work all day.
A lot of people have changed over the summer, but I really don't think I have. I seem to be the same old person, even though I might have changed some things physically, I am still Krista. Change is good, but it's so hard.
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