August 4th, 2004


blah blah blah

Today has been long and boring.

Felicia got her license. Pretty cool.. since now she can drive me places.

I feel hella lazy. I haven't done much today except: DDR, walking, sitting, laughing, pointing, and typing. Today had so much potential in being "great", but plans got in the way and so did parents.

My parents are BBQing. Which sucks, because my vow to go veg. is on the line, lol. I'm just going to not eat anything.
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    Mein Teil // Rammstein

Doin' it gangsta styleeeee.

Today was "okay". I'm so tired. My hair is messy, and the last thing I want to do is take a shower (since it'll wake me up, which defeats the purpose of wanting sleep). I'm dehydrated, too. My mouth is really dry, and now my retainer is giving me blisters.
This whole week I've been in the mood where I feel like "I just don't care". I think.. I should stay this way, it works perfectly.
I wanna summa dreads, beeotches.
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    99 problems (?) // Jay-z