August 3rd, 2004


I hate wesley chapel.

Well, I'm pretty sure school is going to suck, big time.
My schedule consists of :
French 1
Journalism 1
Algebra 1
Integ. Science 1
Personal Fitness
English 1

This sucks. I didn't want god damn french or personal fitness. I'm going to get them changed.. whenever my parents decide to call in and get mean, haha. Not to mention, I'm in the business community, which I also didn't really want (since the teachers suck- which I know because Felicia had them).

I saw Liset.. and we talked for a while. I miss talking to her, lol.

Other than reg. I had a pretty good day.
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Wow. I feel so stupid.
Looking back on last year, and how everything I did seemed like a good idea, it's just way too depressing.
At least it's a whole new school year. Of course, I'll see the same people.
I'm an idiot..
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