July 28th, 2004


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So.. I went shopping, and got a jacket, a new pair of black chucks, and new guitar strings (finally), and a swim suit for the swim team.

Ahhh I'm starting to hate shopping, its so hectic, especially with my parents.
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I'm so LAME!

So, Erica called. The first thing she said was "hey krista, what's up?" then.. I answered with "Ohh nothing.. just sitting online talking to people" Then she says "Oh.. I'm so bored, I just thought I'd call to talk.. that BG thing never worked out, sorry."
I'm glad people just call me when they're bored (sarcasm). All we talked about was highschool.. it was interesting but blahh, that's all I ever talk to her about.
My computer went PSYCHO on me. You'd think, since I'm so nice to it, I give it virus checks, I delete programs that I WANT just so it wont mess up, that it wouldn't do this to me? I couldn't even turn it on for a couple of minutes. *sigh*
We went to blockbuster and got some movies. My dad insisted on getting the little movie pass thing. That took forever. I guess we'll be renting a lot of movies this month.
I don't know why I'm even online. No ones on.. and I never look at anything other than LJ when I get online now. This sucks. SUCKS!
I feel like picking the flaws out of everything right now.
I must go watch hellboy for the second time. That movie sucked, too. I WANT MAGICAL POWERS!

Call me, if you're NOT bored. I'd greatly appreciate it.
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