July 24th, 2004


yawn yawn yawn

Today was pretty boring. There was no one really to talk to, since everyone was busy, so I had to waste time watching t.v., swimming, reading, and arguing with Felicia.
No one appreciates my good nature around the house. My dad keeps saying if I behave and help with stuff then my mom will be happier and I'll get more things that I want. Though, it's the complete opposite. My moms been mean, and I haven't gotten anything. I think I deserve a reward, but apparently I'm not getting one until my parents see a complete change in me. I think this is all because of Felicia. When she talks to my mom she normally says something about my old habits-which usually gets my mom enraged. My dad said I complain a lot, too. I don't think I do... or well, at least not to them. I'm 14- that's what 14 year old girls who are bored do. He wouldn't understand/no one would understand unless they were a 14 year old girl at one point.
I think I should just rebel against the evil government of the household and do everything opposite of what they say. But, I know if I do they'll just chop my head off. Families are just like little wars. I think someone should protest and start a revolution of families. That's what America needs.
I could be the best president the U.S.A. has ever seen. I expect everyone to vote for me when I run- when I'm 34.
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