July 20th, 2004


kill me. ahhhhhhhhhh.

I took a quiz called "Are you Psychic" and it said :
You are moderately psychic.
You really are quite psychic, so it's worth taking the time to investigate those aspects of the paranormal that interest you. Consider purchasing a dream interpretation book, a beginner's set of tarot cards, or the latest astrology book to see which tools best suite your personality.

I always knew it. Even if some people doubted me.

So.. I saw Irobot last night. Not too shabby... it had a good plot.

Today.. is a very gloomy day. My moms all moody again, and I just have a feeling everythings going all downhill from here.
I cant wait for school now. No part of me wants summer anymore. I need school... nowwww. Ugggh. There's like 19 more days till school starts.. I cant.. handle.. 19 more days.
I'm going crazy.
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so bored, I think I'm going to update again.

The worst feeling ever is feeling you'll never be unbored. That's how I feel.

I need someone to talk to. Sure, Sureeeee, some people might comment saying "you can talk to me" but can I really? Can I tell you things without you thinking I'm crazy or holding whatever I say against me? I don't think I can.

Seems like these last couple of days everyones been mentioning that I have "no life" outside of the internet. Maybe if school started tomorrow, then things would be different. There's nothing to do when it's raining outside everyday. I feel at peace when I'm online. Since, if someone were to annoy you or anything you could simply just block them out of your life. Delete the annoying pop-up ads. It's.. pitiful, but it's true. If real-life was like that, I think everyone would be a lot more happier, though, i doubt I'd be in anyones life,.. haha. Anyways, my point is, it gets annoying and depressing after a while when all your so called friends and family members say that. It might be true, but I think after one person says it I don't have to hear it again.

I'm about to rip my eyes out. They've been hurting this whole week.
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she aint a human being

What a long, boring day. I got new curtains. They're maroon. I'm slowing changing everything in my room the way I want it to be. I just have to get my dad to let me paint it, and I'm all set. Though, the white does match most things in here.

I've kept my internet on like.. all day (except for when we went out). My parents haven't complained about it yet. I don't think they've noticed that no ones calling.

Well I'm going to go watch some t.v.
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