July 15th, 2004


let's a ball and a biscuit sugar

1)Using your Current Initials, choose a different name for yourself.
Kateethra Hindie. Because that's just too radd.

2)If you were born outside of your era, when would you want to be born and why?
Early 1980's, because they had the best music then..

3)If you ran a store, what would you sell/have?
c.d.s, no doubt.

4)What part in a movie would you love to play?
Ahh, the villian.

5)In your opinion, why do people suck?
Because they're names aren't Krista.

6)If you had your own state, what would you put on your new quarter?
I'd like it to just say "Krista" and be completely silver. Oh, and it has to say "this is a quarter", too. So that no one gets confused.

7)Whats the oldest article of clothing you own?
I don't know

8) What piece of furniture have you replaced the most?
my bed..?

9)What instrument do you wish you could be more than great at?
Electric guitar. I wish I could play like Slash..... lol

10) Record, Tape or Cd?
Cd because it's more convenient.

11) What do you think would be the best concert ever? (max: 4 bands)
Geeeee... let's see
The White Stripes
The clash
and.. Anti-flag.
That would be the best *$#&% concert ever.

12) What's the best part of your favorite movie?
The begining of Bowling for Columbine was great. Where he went to the bank to sign up for an account and he got a free gun.

13) What do you think is the most over-rated candy ever?
plain m&ms. They suck now..

14) If you were writing out your will, who would you give your CD collection to?
No one, I want to get buried with it.

15) If you could only debate two topics the rest of your life, what would they be?
How much G.W.B. sucks, and how Michael Moore should become president.

16)Out of your friends, who would you say you are most jealous of, artistically?
None of them, lol.

17) Most jealous of....intellectually?

18) What do you collect?
I don't collect anything anymore

19)What is broken that you have, that you wish was fixed?
Right now.. probably my guitar string or cellphone, or Furby. I miss those things.

20)What do you do when you're home sick?
listen to music

21) Why does this survey rock?
Because it has different questions than all the other surveys.

22) Story behind your username?
I like to do things, just for the kicks... DUHHH, lol that was stupid..

23)Current Favorite Article of Clothing?
I cant get enough of my red babies. (converse)

24)Line from the last thing you wrote to someone?
well right now.. it was
luck3e 0 m3e 13: dance dance revolution

25) A famous person you have met?
Well.. I'm famous, and technically, I've met myself. So, Krista.

26)Favorite way to waste time?
Hum along to music.

27)Last thing you bought yourself?
your mom, last night.
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You thought you heard a sound.

We went out to buy a new cell phone for my dad, Felicia, and I. Didn't end up getting one today. We were going to go see a movie, but my dad decided he thought there was no good movies out.
I'm bored.. waiting.. for people to get on-line.
I thought I'd update, but theres nothing else to say.
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