July 12th, 2004


No matter how hard you try, you cant stop us now.

I'd like to start out by saying.. that this song is the shit.

so I didn't do anything today, except get on-line, download music, watch t.v., and swim for like.. 20 min. I'm trying to not get a tan, since I've come to the conclusion that I don't look good with one. Haha.
So I'm 90% sure Felicia and I are going to go to Miami with my dad. I don't know WHY but, it should be at least a little fun. Felicia and I have to stay in the hotel until my dad is finished with his work, then when he comes back we'll go eat out and go shopping a bit.
As for tomorrow.. my parents are taking Felciia and I to get books, new book bags, and clothessss, lol. Haha.. I HATE going shopping with them. They're like, psycho. I guess I do take a long time with finding things I like, but... I cant help it. Erin might come along, so that'll be funn.
As soon as I get the chance, I'm buying purple hair dye, and dying my hair, beeotches! I'm sick of the brown, and well, it's time for "Krista" to change.
Yes.. I'm psycho.

haha. Oh well. GOODNIGHT PASCOO!! *w00t* lol.. and everyone else who reads this journal.
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Mannn, yo.
I went shopping today.. and Erin tagged along (lol). I bought some things, and man.. did I find the best bookbag for the next school year! yeaah it's checkered. It's like.. I dunno, too high up though, but man, it's cool. haha.
Anywho.. so Erin is ALSO tagging along to Miami, lol. Haha. Just kidding.. but she is going. That'll be funn, funn.
Ahhhhh.. I'm so bored.
I'm going to have to charge my batteries so I can take bunchs of pictures tomorrow!

I gotta clean up a bit before Erin comes over.
Hasta Luego! (sp?)
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