July 10th, 2004


you're gracefully falling away

Lyk, whoa.

I went to the mall today with Erin. That was cool, except I was super tired and I wasn't "feeling it". I got a pair of jeans, and a Ramones Poster. w00t.

Can you believe it? They actually sell shirts that say "I want to pet you like an animal". How freakishly kinky does that sound? huh? huh? lol

It's so hot outside... This is another reason I hate summer. Not only am I bored, but it's hot, and I usually tan up a bit.

I'm going to go waste away in front of the t.v./redecorate my room :[

Ohhh wait! I forgot!

As I am led to believe.. Anchorman came out yesterday! YaY! I must go see that sometime soon. I think I had plans to see it with friends, but I don't know if we still are. Sooo... maybe tomorrow night. Haha.... errr. yeah.
Will Ferrel(sp?) is my role model.
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    So long sweet summer // Dashboard Confessional

wOOt. Bored, so I thought I'd just update.

Tuesday... I go to Miami.
With my dad, and sister.
My moms staying back to "chill" with Jasmine (our cat).
This is iffy.
I don't know if I want to go.
It would be for 2 days, 1 night.
That's not very long, but.. whatever.
It's just for my dad's work.

No one's online :[

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