July 9th, 2004


I got this article from the "anti-war" community.

Those Republican bastards.

"I think he's a big jerk"

At the end of the article it says -

Back in Washington, Hurwitz is highly sceptical that the film will persuade Bush supporters to switch sides. But he does fear that Moore has unleashed ungovernable passions. "It is problematic. There are too many people who may take what he says as gospel and at face value, and that is dangerous," he says. "Let us put our mind in neutral, and let our imaginations run riot."

They think that Fahrenheit 9/11 is gospel? Oh my.. Just like The passion of the christ? Maybe they'll pin Bush to a cross.

Of course.. Withhold yourself and don't read that, then comment in my journal saying that they're right or question why I disagree with it.


.... man.


Man, oh man.

I'm so bored/tired/mellow right now.

It's sad when you see two people who were so made for each other just break apart


when two people don't know that they're perfect, and try to hide it.


No ones talking, and all I've done today was swim/download music.
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