July 8th, 2004



I'm fully awake, no one is on-line, my stupid computer keeps making me disconnect, and my mom just now came in and told me to get off.

I'm so bored- I changed my backround and such. *sigh* I need better hobbies.
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However far away, I will always love you

My boredness has led me to read a sappy-love story ; The Notebook. Felicia read it.. and it was basically the only thing that I felt like reading. The begining was just a bunch of talking to help things add up. It's just too boring to put into words. My mom said she'd take me to the bookstore tomorrow. I think I might pick up some comics and maybe one of Michael Moore's books. Anywho, I'm at the middle of it so I can't exactly judge the book. If it's any good though, I think I'll see the movie or something. Sort of creepy a guy wrote this though, haha.

Let's see.. I have nothing to do today. I feel super lazy so I think I'm just going to read, get on-line, listen to mellow music, and watch t.v.

I cant wait till school starts. argh, at least it wasn't as boring as sitting around home doing nothing at all.
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bored out of my mind.

The only conversations I have with people these days are always the same drill :

Hey.. (hey) Whats up? (nothing, you?) Nothing. ... (...) Whatcha doin today? (nothing, you?) Nothing.
*end of conversation*

I feel soooo used/worthless. Ahhhh. I need to find more people to talk to.

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