July 7th, 2004


dont know what I want, but I know how to get ittt

It feels like I haven't been on-line for a year, lol. Erin came over and spent the night for 2 days. She just left... so I found this as my chance to get on-line and update. We went to see "Dodgeball" yesterday. Haha, I laughed like throughout the whole movie. Today we didn't really do anything except watch t.v., get my parents angry at me, and go with my parents to pick up our boat.
It was pretty dopeee, haha. We took some random pictures.. so.. yeah.

lalalaCollapse )

Anywho.. so if everything goes as planned, this weekend should be fun too..

I'm "outtie" (haha I feel so geeky saying that) to go chat with some peeps on the b/l, yo. heh, bye.

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