July 4th, 2004


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I'm tired, and it's like 1:17. I planned to stay up all night, but that's offically ruined. *sigh* I cant fall asleep though, because people are shooting early fireworks.. it's just making too much noise.

let's see..

The "good" of today
+ I accomplished cleaning
+ didn't have to use a lot of energy with anything
+ mostly talked on the phone/internet
+ made a new band song
+ I fought the home-laws and won (long story)

The "bad" of today
- was forced to clean
- got yelled at
- Felicia annnoyed me
- I soon found out I fought the home-laws for nothing

So, I guess today was alright, could have been better.

I'm about to fall asleep.., I gotta go find something to do
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whats crackin mah home skillets

DuDeZZ!! I'm lyk s0o0o0o boreded!!

My finger tips hurt from guitar. I stayed up till like.. 4:30 last trying to find stuff to entertain myself. My dad woke me up at 8:30. WTF?? That's soo early. So that left me with only 4 hours of sleep. Then I woke up and saw I left my internet on, haha. I woke up to like 15 IMs saying "WHERE ARE YOU" and etc.

I just MISSED Erin, too. She just left to drop her sister off at the airport with her mom, and I left my room for .05 seconds and she called and I didn't see it. I was supposed to kidnap her.

*sigh* Felicia's saying my friends "ditched" me. I had called Chloe but she wasn't home and then I finally called Melanie but she wasn't home either. Pfft. Why do they bother writing "let's do something over the summer! Keep in touch!" in my yearbook if I can never get IN TOUCH WITH THEM??? Crazy mofos.

My dad went out to buy fireworks this morning. He bought a pack of huge ones, and then like 9 boxes of sparklers. Haha. I loveeee sparklers. I'll have to take pictures or something and post them.

Oh, yeah! and "Happy" July Fourth. Hope no one gets hurt by fireworks.... mwa haha.
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Can today get better?

Ahh How do I put into words how much I love Muvico right now? Not only do they play movies (except for Fahrenheit 9/11.. argh) but they now have DDR. How fucking great is that? I love DDR! lol My parents took us to see Spiderman 2 as planned, and it was pretty good. Tobey Maguire was hawwwtt as usual, lol. I think this had a great ending. Then while walking out of the movie theatre I heard the sounds of sweet sweet DDR and looked in the arcade, and what do you know? DDR is there. Man, I have to go to the movies more often now.. Felicia and I played a round. 3 tolkens for 4 sweet games. Oh yes.. it was awesome.

Haha.. well anyways, my parents rented some movies, and we have fireworks and such.. I think I might save the movies for later today, since I'm going to stay up all night, ahh ha. Let's see if I can do this again.

Today ended up being good, even with the lack of friends I have *glares*. Let's just hope it doesn't get ruined and I die from some fireworks, eh? Haha

Bye ^_^

Oh, and this is directed at ANYONE who reads my journal. PLEASE call me, I have a very important message to ALL of you! ALLLL OF YOU!! lol, If I don't get a call... from at least the people who live around me, I'm going to be very angry, and well, you wont know what the big surprise is. cell number - 813-493-1993.
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