July 2nd, 2004


my brilliant song, made up in ONE day WITH guitar tabs

Well I think I'll post this... since it's just radd.

"LaLaLaLa, that's what I have to say-ahh,
You guys bombard me with questionsss,
but I'm not ready for my confessionsss.
Terri you are so crazy,
I wouldn't be surprised if you were just lazy.
You say that you're god,
I'm just wondering, but do you play with hot rod... carss.
Erin you're soo moody,
Stay away from my foooddd-eee.
You always are on-line,
and that's just FINNEEEE.
Isaac you're so boring,
When is your band going to go touring?
For the others on-line that i talk to,
I have nothing to say about youuu. (sorry)
LaLaLaLa, that's what I have to say-ah,
You guys bombard me with questionsss,
but I'm not.. (no I'm not)...
not ready.. for my Con-Fess-ionsss."

Great song, eh?? eh eh eh?? lol
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OmFgZZZ Brandon Boyd is lyk sOoOo dreamy.

"There's nothing hotter than a sensitive, artsy type who's in touch with his feelings. Not only is Brandon,26, the writer of Incubus' heartfelt lyrics, but he's also an artist who's been known to sketch pictures for girls just to say he was thinking of them. No wonder he's become the pinup choice among rocker chicks. Of course, Brandon's too cool to admit he actually likes the attention. 'It's flattering, but I'd rather the focus be on our music,' he says. That doesn't seem to stop him from taking off shirt every chance he gets. We're sure it gets hot onstage, but please, he knows we love it."
That's what YM magazine said about Brandon Boyd.

He's just so dreamy. I mean, comeee on. I want a boy to draw my a picture for me to simply know he was thinking about me, lol. Not a violent picture...... but you know.
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We're wondering what your thinking Arthur Nix.

Today has been "good"- besides the fact that my mom's just mad. I didn't get on-line much or talk on the phone at all.. or well, watched t.v. at all either, I just played guitar and read my magazine. It was boring, but fun at the same time. Wordd, yo.

There's not much to say or do for that matter.. so I'll be chilling in my room if anyone wants to talk. (I'm not desperate.... I'm just bored, lol.)

MuShRooM13190: i see you wrote nothing about me in your post
MuShRooM13190: lol
luck3e 0 m3e 13: lol
MuShRooM13190: i guess im not important, eh??
MuShRooM13190: no im talking to erin, whos wickedly cool, or anything?
MuShRooM13190: lol
luck3e 0 m3e 13: .. freak
luck3e 0 m3e 13: lol
MuShRooM13190: lol
luck3e 0 m3e 13: maybe i'll edit it
luck3e 0 m3e 13: and put "erins psycho, too"
MuShRooM13190: yeah, you should
MuShRooM13190: wait, no
luck3e 0 m3e 13: lol
luck3e 0 m3e 13: okay
luck3e 0 m3e 13: I will
MuShRooM13190: lol
MuShRooM13190: hah
MuShRooM13190: no one will believe you, because they all think your psycho!
MuShRooM13190: lol
luck3e 0 m3e 13: ...
luck3e 0 m3e 13: whatever
MuShRooM13190: whatever?
MuShRooM13190: oh, i see
luck3e 0 m3e 13: lol
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