July 1st, 2004


I'm feeling much better.

I wanted to update.. for no reason.

*sigh* I stayed up late last night and now my eyes are like Whoaa. I don't know how people do it.. but yeah. Tonight- I stay up all night.

I told my mom I was going to, so she wouldn't come in my room in the middle of the night and start screaming at me for being on. Yeah, it's just crazy. I'm going to become nocturnal! haha. yeah.. I'm going to have to drink some coffee, and drink some carbonated beverages. Haa haa...

Today's been good. I mostly just sat and played guitar all morning then got on.. no one talked.. got off, then washed the car... thenn got back online then went in the pool, and now look. I'm on-line again.

Hmm. I was thinking about inviting a couple of friends to come over on July fourth. Probably just Erin, maybe Erica and some others. But you know, if you would like to come over!.. just mention it to me, lol.
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... I'm bored.

Well.. I found this survey and I thought I'd take it

The survey of dooooommeee :

How old are you : 14
Female or Male : female
Anti-war or for it : ANTI-WAR, no doubt.
What do you want to be when you grow up : Ugh. The president so I can set some things straight, lol. Oh, or.. just a guitarist. Either one.
What's your favorite color : Red.. or teal
Name 5 things you do when you're bored : Draw, play guitar, listen to music, swim, and talk to my homies.
Do you have a best friend : yeah
Do you have a lot of friends, or just your best friend : I have a lot of friends
Do you have a crush : Sort of
How many : well.. 2 I guess
What's one of their names : Brandon Boyd. lol
Whats something that you need to know about some before you "like" them : Uhh I dont know.. I think maybe what type of music they like.. it's just cool when you share common interests, lol.
What type of music do you listen to the most : I guess.. like anti-warish type of music. Though that's usually punk.
What's your favorite band : .. it's a tie between The Clash and Incubus right now
What's your favorite song of theirs : The Clash - I fought the law, and Incubus -Sick, Sad Little world
What's your least favorite band right now : Uhhm.. I really don't like this whole D12 fanatic crap going around.. so.. yeah, D12
What are you listening to right now : Coheed and Cambria
Who are you talking to right now : Terri, and Isaac.
What do you think of that person : lol. Isaac is boring me right now and Terri is crazy
Do you play any instruments : yeah.
If so, what are they : Guitar
Do you have any pets : yeah.. a cat
Do you have any brothers : no
Do you have any sisters : Yeah, one.
Do you get along with her/him : Sometimes
Do you have any piercings : yeah soon to have plugs... sooooonn....
How many : four
Where are they : my ears
Do you have any tattoos : no but I want one.
How many : if I had the choice, I'd have 3
Where are they : They would be on my arms probably..
What have you done today : Gotten on-line, swam, went to the store, and.. uh, that's about all
What's your favorite game to play with others : I like truth or dare..
What's your favorite video game : uh.. DDR? lol
What do you think about Michael Moore : He's very out spoken.. and I agree on most things he says
What do you think of Bush : ugh. he looks like a monkey.. lol, and he's just a horrible president
What do you think of Michael Jackson : I... like some of his music
What's your favorite drink : Banana Colada FUZE.. or just "slice" orange soda.
What's your favorite movie : I have a lot
Who's your favorite actor : Ben stiller... or Will Ferral
Who's your favorite actress : I dont know.. I don't have a favorite
What's the last movie you saw in theatres : Man.. i forget, lol.
What's a new movie you want to see : Anchorman, Fahrenheit 9/11 and Spiderman 2
Do you like to quote movies : lol, when I'm bored
Do you think you're photogenic : No not really
Do you think you're a good singer : No..
If someone were to label you, what would they label you under (punk, freak, prep, gangster) : Uh.. under "Krista", lol.
Say something random : beep beep
Did this short survey bore you : No, not really

... yeah. That was short
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I just watched "Bowling For Columbine". This is my FIRST time ever seeing it, since well I showed no interests in it when it came out, and I hadn't heard a lot about it. But I LOVED it. It has serious topics, but Michael Moore twisted some humor into them in a respectiful way. One word to describe this film would have to be artistic. I think that's my favorite documentary. I dont care what everyone has to say about the movie, if you liked it or not, but even if you don't like Michael Moore, or his opinions, and you haven't seen it yet, watch it. It may get you angry, but it's just so beautifully made. Then.. have a debate with someone who liked the points he made.. it'll make you feel better, haha. I want to live in Canada... he makes it look so peaceful there, and well, I know some people who are Canadian and they are peaceful people. And I mean.. if you ever wanted to rob a house.. go to Canada.

That film made me happy yet sad at the same time. Happy because it was funny and serious, and sad for the country.
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