June 24th, 2004


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Some people are so unprepared for the future events, and how some things may effect plans, and everything wont be just as planned, it's just making me irritated. I think my eyes twitching, unless it's the light, haha.

Eh.. anywhoo.

I get my hair cut TOMORROW! woot. Yess yes yes. haha. I want it shorttt again :]. And if my mom neglects in taking me, I'm going to cut it myself. I might just keep it this length but get new layers.

Man. EBAY is awesome. I'm planning on getting like.. two pairs of bongos for my band with Erin all for the price of maybe 30 dollars, and thats plus shipping. Noww that's.. just, radd, lol.
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Livejournal is going sooo fucking slow!! argh.

Ahh this morning (10-2) was awesome. They had a David Bowie's concert on. Of course, it was like in 1987 in Australia. Haha. I don't think there's one song I don't like.. except for Young Americans *dies*. I wish He toured in Tampa now so I could go to his concert, haha. That's probably not going to happen anytime soon.
I really want to go to the Curiosa tour :[. I highly doubt I can though.. because my parents are just evil. They let me go to a Linkin Park/P.O.D./SOTY/Hoobastank concert, but not even One with The Cure? I'm going to make them feel bad about this. Rob Smith is my heroooo, haha.
I plan to cut my hair today, since well, my mom is being... ugh. I just don't like her right now. I'm afraid I might mess up though, haha. I'll just trim it or something..
I had some freaky dreams last night. One good dream, then like a nightmare. My good dream was about a lot of people dying. Seemed so real, too. I think I might have dreamed that since I was talking about killing people with Erin last night. Then I had one about moving with my Aunt in P.A. That was my nightmare. If you knew her, you may think it was a nightmare, too.
Felicia's trying to get me in shape and ready for swimming, for next year. I don't even know if I want to join the team, but obviously everyone else has their mind set on my plans. It makes me angry when everyone thinks they know what I feel, or need.. or want to do. I'm not THAT predictable.

I'm off to go destroy my DDR pad even more than it already is.
If anyone has a hard pad they'd like to give away, I'll be happy to take the burden off your shoulders ^_~
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