June 22nd, 2004


I'm bummed.

Okay.. I was wrong. My dad doesn't have work today. I stayed up to 1:00 thinking I was going to be able to sleep in, and my dad woke me up at 8. Ahhh.. I hate mornings.
I'm not in a talkative mood. I'm just going along with what everyone else says, since no one seems to care what I'm saying. Those horoscopes are right.
Last night was hectic, too. Everyone got angry at me, for no apparent reason. Pfft. Forget them.
I wanted to go see some movies today (e. Saved!, and Dodgeball). I don't think I will now, since, well, I'm just not in the mood.. and I might want to save them for the weekend.
I guess I'll get on at night and update to say what I did. But.. for now, I'm going to just sulk in front of the t.v. and play ddr..

bye :[
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Die white girls

I'm bored.. and well, there's ntohing to do except talk to Ray. Since everyone else is doing this.. and all it does is compliment you, I think I'll post my little memegen thingamabob.
Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...erotic
Your hugs are...to die for
Your eyes...twinkle in the moonlight
Your touch is...the only thing I desire
Your smell is...exotic
Your smile is...amazing
Your love is...eternal
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
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In the city of the dead, fall in love and fall in bed.

My eyes are burning from chlorine.
I think I'm getting a tan from going in the pool :[ (thats not exactly considered a good thing for me). Next time anyone sees me, I'll look hispanic, haha. Err.. j/k.

I have a feeling the rest of my summer "vacation" is going to be yard work, DDR, swimming, talking, and televison. That would normally be a good thing minus yard work, but well, it just isn't. For like a year(or two?) when we didn't have any pets, we went on vacations, and even though they were filled with yelling and some disappointment, I still loved them. Now, we cant. My parents promised us a one-day trip to St. Augustine or Universal Studios. I'd prefer a week there, or maybe a week on some exotic island, but then again, that would never happen.


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This entry has no potential value.

My studies show.. that FUZE is the better drink. Here's how I got to my conclusion:

I tried the drink brand SOBE. The drink I choosed was Strawberry Banana. It was okay, but it had a weird bitter taste to it.

I tried the drink brand FUZE today. The drink flavor I choosed was Banana Colada. It was good, lol.

So, If anyone is planning on getting energy drinks, I suggest FUZE. It really does give you energy.

I thought I'd share that with you, before you waste a dollar or two on crappy SOBE!!

I'm bored :[

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