June 19th, 2004


I'm soo.. soo.... uh.. what's the word?

Ahh so, last night I watched "Along Came Polly". I don't know if it was just because I was in a giggly mood, but I suppose I really liked it because I kept laughing. Ahh anywho..
After watching the movie I was bored so I whipped out my guitar and strummed away, haha. It sounds.. so.. "swauve" saying it like that. I made a song for my two-piece band. We just.. need some lyrics, lol. Oh and I have to play it for Erin-poo. So.. I'll undergo that today.
So.. TODAY!...
Today we go to MOSI! woot.
+ it's MOSI
+ ... MOSI!
+ ... MOSI!
- Felicia
- Katherine
- Lara(?)
- Erin, lol.

Felicia invited two of her friends to go. Last time I checked this was MY plans with Erin. Oh well. We go.. around 11. This all depends if my dad finishes his daily-morning-yard work.

I'm off to get ready! :] BYE!!
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