June 18th, 2004


AHHH I'm going LOCO!!!*$&*$


I was having a great ninja dream (haha it was hXc) until my dad came in and woke me up. WTF?? I hate when he doesn't have work. He always makes me get up mucho early. Then when he left my room I went back to sleep, ahh ha. Unfortunatley he was mowing the lawn and kept coming past my room.. so that didn't get me anywhere. Parents.. hmph. They just loooovvve to torture their kids. It rained right when I woke up, too. So I think they stopped mowing.
I'm not sure about the whole MOSI or skate rink thing today now. I don't know what my parents would say.. hmm. I'll ask when they're finished with yard work.
My desk is co cluttered with useless things. I have a HP book that I was bored and decided to read again, my cellphone, camera, black c.d.s, a wholeeee lotttta paper, jewlery, pens, and.. dust. AHh ha.. I must clean it.. It's hard to concentrate with everything in my face.

Well.. my dads making me get offline and wash up.. "you're not some freaking retired old... guy or something clean up, get dressed, and get ready" haha that's what he said.. *sigh*

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My mom and dad just got back.. from going somewhere. They stopped by BlockBuster and got "50 First Dates" and "Along Came Polly". I'm going to have my own little movie night, beeotches, lol.

The pool is fricking cold again. We need.. a heater.

My dream.. is to have a voice like the lead singer of Coheed and Cambria.

I'm OUT! woot woot, lol
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