June 16th, 2004


Some much wanting to do, so little time.

Ahhhh. Today was boring.. well, sort of. I mostly just talked with my mom, watched t.v., and swam for a little while.
I'm having this sudden urge to go to MOSI. haha, Erin and I tried to go yesterday but it was closing 15 minutes after we got there. Aw well. I shall go one day.. Maybe Friday.. hmmm.
Erin and I want to have a Movie-day! But so far all plans have been ruined, haha. If we cant have it at anyone elses house, I guess I'll just have it at mine and invite some people over. I don't know who though... Chloe.. I tried calling her the first two weeks of summer but she couldn't do anything. So if anyone who reads this wants to have a movie day/night, IM me beeotches!
I think I'm going to go see Stepford Wives tomorrow with my mom and Felicia. I think it'll be a good movie. Nicole Kidman is a good actress.
OH!! and I need to go to Busch Gardens sometime soon, so everyone with passes, get ready and plan a day mofos! haha.
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We beee soo pimpin', yaww?

Muahhhh.. haha. I think the flash offically blinded Jasmine *cries* errm..
She's been hanging out in my room for days now, so I thought I'd just take a picture of her. Plus+ she can do the truffle shuffle. Booya! wOOt WooT. haha.
I think I'm becoming too addicted with playing on-line games. I've played all the fighting and shooting games, and I've beaten them all. Well, only on one website though. I need some new ones...
Man no ones on-line. There's no one to play games with. Well, there's people but frankly, I don't think they'd like to play.
So, I think I made it clear in my earlier entry, that nothing good happened today.
Tomorrow= much more fun and/or boringness. I don't know.. we'll have to see about that.
Haha, I just was checking out StencilSwap, a community I joined, and I saw a Bruce Lee stencil. WTF? that's awesome. I need to put that on something. I need to go to Michael's soon, too. They are the best craft store.. haha.
At night I seem to be the most talkative, journal wise that is.
I tried out my mom's uh face steaming thingamabob. Really weird. My eyes were burning from all the hot steam hitting them. But, the cool steam wasn't.. well, cool. That just felt like someone was poking my face with needles. Not cool.. nope.
I think I'm starting to catch a cold. I keep sneezing/coughing. It's from going in the pool I tell you.
What's the deal with everyone and the band "Slipknot"? I hate them. They aren't talented except for .. well, screaming. That's pretty dope, yo. I don't see why everyones making a big deal about their new c.d. either, I heard a song from them on IMX and it was.. weird.
Oh yeah and I changed my layout, haha. It took many different color codes to finally come to something so simple. Yeah.. oh well.
Well, my beeotches and hoes, I'm going to go talk to my peeps on AIM now.
♥ g/night.
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