June 14th, 2004



I woke up at 10:00. Nothing like sleeping in with no distruptions :]
My mom went to pick Felicia up a little while ago..
She brought back chocolate
that Misty gave her(?)
and it is spanish(?).
Ideas of getting a haircut today are brewing.
I'm making a habit of putting every sentence/half sentence
on it's own line.
I left the room to get a paper towel
and I see Jimmy Fallon doing a dance routine
on the MTV movie awards.
Questions that first come to mind-
How'd he learn to dance like that,
and are the movie awards always going to play now?
I need to take a shower for my hair to be fluffy.
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    Toxic // Britney Spears


Oprah has the best geusts on her show ^_~

I only watch it.. err.. because My mom watches it o_O *closes Oprah's website*

WHo knew you could have so much fun kicking Isaac's ass in samuri games. *evil laugh* BWA HAHAHAH!!!!
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