June 12th, 2004


Whoa. three movies in a row :]

It all started with The Day After Tomorrow. Then yesterday I was The Chronicles Of Riddick (which was actually well made. I didn't think it would be worth watching), and today.. I'm planning on seeing another movie. My parents really planned it, but whatever. I'm going to go see it with just Felicia, I think. Oh, haha, and I think the movies going to be Saved! or The Stepford Wives. My parents are going to go shopping while we see it? Weirdness.

I haven't written.. in.. a day? haha, I've just been looking at the community. My new obsession to make perfect, pfft. I need a bigger, better hobby than just music and the internet.

Allright gotta get ready..

I'll write more later.

OH AND JOIN THE COMMUNITY! </a></b></a>____mrroboto haha, I'm going to keep on advertising that.
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What a long day.

OKay, instead of the movies, I went to the mall with Felicia. That was... boring. I got a shirt, tank top, and "In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3". A c.d. by Coheed and Cambria. I would've gotten one of The Stills c.d.s but, Felicia kept rushing me >_<. Ugggh. The whole mall idea was my moms then she yells at me about buying CLOTHES?? Don't people buy clothes at the mall?? *sigh* I swearrrrrr.. I cant stand these people that I call family.

I really, really need a hair cut.
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