June 7th, 2004



My parents are going to buy Felicia and I, YMCA passes. Felicias pretty syked about it, but I don't really want to go. I'm more of a sport-viewing type of person. Sure, I like playing soccer and volleyball, but I don't know they have that there? Oh well. They have a pool... though I already have a pool at home, so that's a waste. I guess I could get ready for the swim team by going there. Heck, I don't even know if I want to go for the swim team anymore. I have all summer to make up these decisions, yet everyones rushing me to pick now. I hate.. being rushed. I'd prefer to take my time.

Ahh I'm tired. I went to sleep late. My mom was yelling at me last night, so I got angry.. and I started to clean the bathroom. I think the cleaning really helps soothe anger. I cleaned the bathroom sink, then brushed my teeth two times, cleaned my retainer, then washed my face. Then I couldn't fall asleep afterwards.

I think I have to go get ready to leave..

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whoa I'm retarded.


Type your name using your...

nose: kriwxstqza
elbow: ik4r9iswt6as
chin: ,krfi8sxt5s6az
feet: krirsrtyaq
eyes closed and one finger: kriusta
back of my hand: klrtiusadt5a
palm: krist5as
wrist: kewrisartA


haha betcha cant read that..

without hands.. I don't know where i'd be.

At least I was close on some..
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"NO! WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU!!" "you split my ends, thats what you did!" *murders hair products*

It's late, once again. I'm tired, and my eyes are all puffy, but I felt the need to update before I go to sleep. Plus, I want to read a bit after this, so maybe the bright light of the computer will wake me up a bit.

Anywho, I was bored, so I curled my hair around 5ish. That was pointless because I ate dinner, then right afterwards I took my shower and it got ruined :(. Oh well. I liked it.. I guess. I mean, it ended up being just "wavey" and not curly by the time I went to wash it. I think when Felicia goes to get her hair cut tomorrow (or some other day) I'm going to get mine cut or.. I don't know.. "waved"(?), lol. I took pictures with my hair wavey, just so I'd have proof that I don't look all that bad with it, so that my mom will even consider letting me put a bunch of hair products in my all ready half fried hair. Oh wait, she already does. Haha oh well. I don't think it'll make a huge difference.

If anyone noticed before, I had a picture on my bio (in the userinfo) of my face, with the colors inverted, lol. And it had some text on it and such, so yeah, I changed it to my newer improved one. Just thought... I'd share that with you.

My dads watching the 2nd Harry Potter movie on t.v. right now. Haha. I think he just wants to stay up to date with this, since we've forced him to see the first and now third one with us. He said he really liked the third one. I cant blame him, it was awesome.

Erin might come over tomorrow. She's going to bring a movie over, and we're going to take more pictures!!! OmGz!! Lyk WhoA! lol, haha I just thought that fit the moment.

I talked about my hair, Harry Potter, Erin, and how tired I am.. and it has made me more tired.

Well, my fellow internet junkies, I'm going to go read a book then head to sleep.

Bye <3

P.S. I just noticed this entry is fairly long XD
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