May 31st, 2004


Cross my T's and dot my I's


Today is Memorial Day. I never really understood this holiday. I mix it up with the other minor holidays we have. Obviously because we don't get gifts on them. That sounds bad.. err.. yeah. Nevermind.


What a great idea. MASH on-line. haha..

You will live in Shack.
You will drive a yellow beetle.
You will marry Chad V. and have 8 kids.
You will be a ballerina in Timbuktu.

I'm going to have one pretty twisted life. At least I'll be able to be a Ballerina. My childhood dream will come true after all..


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I'm a dork.

This may sound super fricking lame, but I just cant get enough of this song - Anthem Of Our Dying Day by Story of the year.

It moves me. I have come to the conclusin that I need this c.d.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone would like to drop off/mail me a copy of this c.d. or you know.. go out and buy me one. Whatever you prefer.

Can you believe it? I called into 97X (a local radio station) and asked them to play a double X (two songs) of The Stills a couple of days ago. They didn't do it. So I called in like an hour ago and asked again, and he said no. "If the stills had more than one song then I would". WTF?!?! They have two fricking c.d.s I like the "Still In Love Song" and all, but it's annoying when they only play that one song. It's just getting too overrated.

It just ticks me off.
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