May 30th, 2004


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Erin and I went to BG today. It was radd... though super hott. Haha..

Here's pictures of Erin's escapade.

After this picture, I had to give them some private time.

Unfortunatley one the tiger had a spouse. And erin was soon confronted by it.



So. yeah today was fun. I'm so tired though. Eee... We saw Melanie there, and some random 7th grader we noticed- who was from our old P.E. class.

I think I may go take a nap in.. about 5 min or so.


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Lyk, ohh my gawd. Wat da #$*&

My nap was ruined. I attempted to take one, but I ended up being waked by my so-called-buddies who cant seem to read my away message. Are they blind? Are they illiterate? Pfft.

I cant stand people who RiTe Lyk Dis. It just.. annoys me. I think it annoys everyone who doesn't write like that. Another mystery solved.. by Krista.

Like I wrote in my past entry, I went to Busch Gardens today with Erin. It was pretty fun minus the hot sun beating down on us. I don't like Florida summer weather. It's hot, humid, and.. err hot. It would be nice to live in the North Pole, though I think I'd get sick of the weather there, too. I think I'm just too picky. Maybe when I'm rich and famous I'll have mansions built all over the world and a personal plane to fly me there when I'm sick of the place I'm at.


Here is further more evidence that Erin is Psycho.

MuShRooM13190: entertain me krista 
MuShRooM13190: tell me a story 
MuShRooM13190: lol 
luck3e 0 m3e 13: there once was a... the end
MuShRooM13190: psht 
MuShRooM13190: lol 
MuShRooM13190: i have an idea 
luck3e 0 m3e 13: use your imagination.
MuShRooM13190: this is a way to see the personality 
luck3e 0 m3e 13: hmm?
MuShRooM13190: describe any boy, there personality and situations and decisions theyd make, but dont tell me who it is, and ill see if id like them 
MuShRooM13190: lol 


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