May 26th, 2004


WOOWOO! Stolen from.. some dudes journal, mwa haha. lol

AFI or Ensign?: AFI.. because Ensign isn't cool enough for me
Brand New or Dashboard Confessional?: Brand new.. only because they're have hot band members.. and well, their songs are more catchy
The Used or The Ataris?: the ataris. I haven't listened to a lot of the used's songs
Poison the Well or Finch?: Poison the well. Finch is so 2 years ago.
Thrice or Thursday?: thursday.. no doubt.
Taking Back Sunday or Saves the Day?: that's easy... taking back sunday
Further Seems Forever or At The Drive-In?: further seems forever
Ramones or The Clash?: AHh.. this is hard. Both=great. But I'm leaning more towards The Clash
NOFX or The Vandals?: NOFX
Anti-flag or Bad Religion?: Anti-Flag!
Something Corporate or Yellowcard?: Yellowcard
Weezer or Strokes?: Strokes
The Vines or The Hives?: The hives
korn or Matchbook Romance?: ... Korn
Coheed & Cambria or Mae?: Both are good.. Mae is spiffy, but C&C is a lot more.. uh spiffy.
Marilyn Manson or Nine Inch Nails? NIN
Deftones or Staind?: staind. Deftones are just.. well.. no.
Korn or Godsmack?: Godsmack
CKY or Blink 182?: Blink182
Silverchair or Goldfinger?: Goldfinger
Soundgarden or The Smashing Pumpkins? The Smashing Pumpkins
Yeah Yeah Yeah's or Our Lady Peace?: Down with new the yeah yeah yeahs (old skool YYYs are better.)! Our lady peace!! woo woo.
Nickelback or Puddle of Mudd?: uggh.. I guess Puddle of Mudd.
Rufio or The Starting Line?: The starting line
Midtown or Homegrown?: Midtown
Less Than Jake or Slick Shoes?: less then jake
Bowling For Soup or Boxcar Racer?: Bowling for soup! I haven't heard them in a while..
Green Day or Sublime?: Green Day
Boys Night Out or Fall Out Boy?: fall out boy passes Boys night out, by like.. a mile.


I'm bored.
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The boredom has over powered me

thirteen random things you like

01) canadian slang (eh?)
02) Bagels
03) hop scotch
04) polka dots
05) masks
06) sprinkles
08) comic books
09) The name Chester
10) frizzy hair
11) jeans
12) pillows
13) Iced Cappucinos

twelve movies

01) The Labyrinth
02) Old School
03) Say Anything
04) Grosse Point Blank
05) The Fly
06) The Mask
07) Edward Scissorhands
08) Bend it like Beckham
09) Hocus Pocus
10) Drop Dead Fred
11) My boyfriends back
12) Jaw breaker

eleven good bands/artists

01) AFI
02) Taking Back Sunday
03) Queen
04) Anti-flag
05) Black Flag
06) Velvet Revolver
07) David Bowie
08) Siouxsie and the banshees
09) The Specials
10) Fall out boy
11) Brand New

ten things about you... physically

01) Brown short hair
02) 5'0" tall
03) my weird fingers, ahh ha.
04) my lucious lips *wink* lol heheh
05) size 7 shoes
06) uhh.. my small nose?
07) my eyes which make me look asian, and I am. what a coincidense
08) my legs *cries* eee..
09) the scars on my arms (from ERIN)
10) and well.. I don't know.

nine good friends
01.) Erin
2.) Chloe
03.) Melanie
04.) Alexis
05.) Liset
06.) Chris
07.) Brandon
08.) Emma
09.) Justin

eight favorite foods/drinks

01) ... Bagels
02) Pizza
03) Chicken..?
04) Grape soda!
05) Iced caps
06) greek salads
07) Orange soda!
08) pepsi

seven things you wear daily

01) underwear
02) bra
03) a shirt
04) braclets
05) pants
06) shoes
07) socks

six things that annoy you

01) people who chew loud
02) The government
03) Liz phair or w/e
04) when people drag their feet
05) stupid wannabe O.C. SHOWS!!! lol
06) That one Fantasia lady on American Idol.

five things you touch everyday

01) keyboard
02) hair
03) food
04) remote, lol.
05) Pillow

four shows you watch

01) The O.C.
02) Viva La BAM
03) One Tree Hill
04) That 70's Show

three celebrities you have a crush on

01) Johnny Knoxville (he is.. the hottness)
02) BAM!
03) Seth Green

two people you have the best hugs

01) sean
02) Justin, haha

one person of the opposite sex you could spend the rest of your life with

01) I don't know.. probably no one.
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