May 20th, 2004


Protest, against, injustice, state terror...

uggh. Felicia is such a fag. She's annoying the hell out of me. I swear.

Today was good. I'd have to say 2nd period was the best class. Alexis, Liset, and I just talked the whole time, since Ms. D didn't really care. All the other classes were eh.. okay, we didn't really do anything in them.

Tomorrow is the 8th grd. BBQ. Pfft. We also get our year books tomorrow, too. I cant wait to be harassed by people about my picture. I think I look utterly stupid. Argh. Maybe I should have talked Mr Zondor (art teacher) into changing the picture, haha.

i cant believe we cant bring book bags to school for the remainder of the school days. I need them! I cant hold onto a binder all day.. it's just not "me" lol. *sigh* Oh well...

My eyes are getting freaking watery/itchy everytime i take off my damn glasses? WTF I think I'm going to get pink eye or something.. haha.. err..
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