May 17th, 2004


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Let's have a recap of my day, shall we?

1st period (Technology) That class was the bomb. Not only did I protest, I had fun today, ah haa. (I protested for more time to do my bridge project, since I wasn't in class the whole time to complete it.)
2nd period (Language Arts) Let's see.. it sucked. I mostly just talked to Liset and Alexis the whole class and attempted to work on my CP book.
3rd period (Math) That also sucked. I didn't do much or anything. Work, Talk, or Listen.
4th period (Science) Talked to Sean and Alex most of class. Herpes is always a great social topic.
{lunch} Nothing really happened there..
5th period (P.E.) Ahh ha. I hooked Erin up for a blind date with Frank and talked to Chris about our evil plan (mwa haha)
6th period (History) Haha.. I wrote some notes, then watched the video on 1950's he put on. And I talked to Taylor.

And so I came home.. my mom is in one bad mood or something. Shes like about to tear my head off, when I didn't do anything this time. I didn't even talk to her when I got home. Hmph. Then I went in the pool, and it's frikin freezing but I made a bet with Felicia that I'll jump in everytime. So.. yeah. That was okay. Mostly just did underwater break dancing. How overly awesome. Now if I could just learn how to defeat gravity..

And now I'm here. Downloading music, talking to my on-line homies, and well.. you-know-who. Ah haa..

One packed day.

I'm feeling weird. I don't know why. I cant exactly explain it in this because quite frankly, I'll have people harassing me about it. But, well, I dunno.
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