May 16th, 2004


So here I am, are you ready?

I'm happy. No other feeling, except maybe a tad bored. But I AM HAPPY! ERIN IS BACK! I have someone to talk to, haha. I talked to Alexis earlier, but it was all about the dance, and I got sort of bummed out talking about it when I didn't even get to attend the freaking thing. No offense to anyone who I could have talked to and didn't, though.. it's not you, It's me.
I have homework to do, but I'm so happy, I'm not going to bother with it. Isn't that screwed up? I KNOW! ahh ha. Oh well.
I went swimming today. Fricking freezing! Though, I just attempted to do my kung-fu on Felicia while freezing to death.
Tomorrow is school. Woo hoo (not). A lot of stuff happened this weekend, without me, of course. Pfft. Oh well. My rebeling days are over, I'm going to just go with the flow. No more getting in trouble for the rest of the school year! (though, theres only about 1 or 2 weeks left.. haha.)
Okay my happiness is over. Felicia came in is trying to make me get offline. The center of my happiness has been pulled out! DARN YOU FELICIA!! LOser. Ugh. I hate her. Here she's rambling on that she needs her markers. Whatever. She wants me to "talk to her about it" instead of writing this on my LJ.. Yeah, it's hard to talk to her though, because shes psycho.
Oh well. I'm going to get off before she rambles more. This is getting annoying.
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