May 13th, 2004


"Suck on these nuts"

Well. Today, like my psychic vision stated before, Erin wasn't here. Dun Dun DUN!! Yeah. I don't know if she left yet or shes just not picking up the phone because shes out somewhere/asleep/kidnapped.
Anywho, I'm bored. School was good.. sort of. Besides the classes, WHICH SUCKED AS MUCH BUTT AS THEY COULD HAVE today. I got all hyped up in P.E.(5th) and lunch and then went psycho. Then in 6th period I had a huge headache and went to sleep. What a waste of a day. *sigh*
I brought peanuts for lunch today.. and Liset went psycho with me and we went up to complete strangers and attempted to force them to "Suck on these nuts". Ahh that was cool. I also had a old school ghetto dance off today, lol. We could make the dudes from "You Got Served" intimidated!! Haha... YOU WOULDA LOVED IT ERIN!! You should of been there man.. should have been there.
I felt sort of sad today. Before my psycho side came out and after 6th period of course. Justin was all sad and that made me sad. I don't know what's wrong with him but he was crying in 1st period today. I think it was because of some problems with Shayla or whatever. No clue. And of course, no one tells me anything around here. Then in science (4th) a boy named Josh, who I hate very much, was getting picked on by some girls. That may make him sound like a wuss, but I felt horrible! Cree pulled a chair out from under him and he looked like he was about to freaking cry. I felt like hitting her and asking her what her problem was. But then again, I just sat there watching this harsh treatment go on until class ended. To think that we, the class of 2008 will be the future of our world/economy is making my stomach turn. All you can safely say we are is that we're burdens on society.
I miss how things used to be. When I was in 7th grade I got fairly better grades than I have been now, and I didn't have problems with who I hung out with, and I didn't get in trouble at school. I hope highschools better. I think it'll lead me to secretly dropping out if it's not.
We had a project in math due today. I was finishing it today when I started thinking more about my future. This wasn't just out of the blue either, since the project was on our future. It's obviously not going to be as easy as I want it to be. So I figure I'm going to need as much schooling as I possibly can get in order to get a high paying job, to live in a good house/apartment and have the stuff I wish I could have.
I'm going to go run over some ant hills with my mini monster truck.. haha.

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