May 9th, 2004


screw The Man!

I went to see Van Helsing with the fam. That movie is awesome to the 18th power!! It inspired me to try and accomplish my goals of wanting to become a vampire. Uh.. yeah. Anywhoo...
We went to "Shells" to eat out.. and there was this lady making balloon animals, haha. I was soon to find out it was my sisters friend, and about when she had to have a 3rd attempt at making my purple lion, I asked her if I could get a job doing that. So, she's going to give Felicia a card at school to give to me or w/e. and soon.. I shall have an army of balloon animals. I guess this'll be my summer job or something.. hopefully.

Well until this very moment mother's day was going well, until now when my mom came into my messy room and started yelling at me, haha. Typical. Oh well.

Tomorrow is another day of hell. It's weird.. this weekend seemed to go by so quickly.. *sigh* I have some stuff I need to finish before it gets late, so I better get started.

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