May 8th, 2004


Ehh I'm becoming an updating whore.

Oh no! It's happening again! I'm, updating too much... *dies* It's not my fault, it's all because I'm bored.

I forgot to disconnect my internet connection last night so I was on all night.

Ok.. well, I didn't "forget".. I kept it on.. but, well, I got a lot of music downloaded, haha.

Erin just called and asked if I could go to the beach and mall today. I asked and my parents said yes, but they made me feel bad..

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Who would dare mess with us? NO ONE! Because we're Crazy-ass biatches!!!!..... uh.. yeah.

So I ended up going to the mall and beach.. well, and it was exciting I guess.

I ended up just buying "Answer that and stay fasionable"- by AFI. Which, is the bomb, no doubt, yo. Haha.. Davey Havok and I.. yeah, we're close friends..

Tomorrow is Mother's day, and her present isn't finished. I feel bad.. but I guess I'll just work hard on it tonight if I have to.

My parents and Felicia went to get movies at Block Buster a couple of minutes ago. I must go watch!

and fill out "teacher appreciation" cards. Pfft.

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