May 7th, 2004


why make plans?

Well, Seeing Van Helsing on Mother's day has been ruined. Felicia is seeing it tnoight with her friends. *sigh* I figured she would, she kept saying she wanted to anyways.

It's a Friday night and I'm going to spend it at home, with my parents. Eh.. I thought Friday nights were supposed to be fun? Who stays home on a Friday Night?? Arggh.

All I have is cubis and DDR.. pitiful.. haha..
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There is a slight chance, that I, Krista... will get to go to Project Revolution! (The Linkin Park, Korn, The Used,.. and Snoop dog concert, yo!!)

I could've had a heart attack.

We went to go pick Felicia up from Katherine's house when I mentioned the concert to my dad and he told me to look it up on-line. WTF, YO?? I want to go! Though.. nope, I cant get my hopes too high, he might bail on me and tell me I cant.. Pfft.. oh well. Hm.. but this concert will be the shit. I'm not really excited to see Linkin Park, since I already saw them in concert, and even though they are hXc I'm more excited about Korn and The Used. Ahhh... I neeed to go. It's on August 18th. Haha, that's a Wednesday night. ehh..

I would also like to see AFI in concert. I have grown a bit more fond with them. because.. as we all know, they are also hXc


I need a hobby.
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