May 6th, 2004


Cant wait till I'm in college.

Well, It's a pretty long time away till I'm in college... and I'm getting impatient. School sucks... the teachers suck, and some of the fellow peers suck. I cant deal with this end of the year drama. Everyones fighting and talking crap about each other. It's pretty pitiful. The least they could do is say it to each other's face instead of crying to friends about it. Ah well, what use is it to rant about it in here? It's not going to make them stop.

On Sunday, I plan on seeing "Van Helsing" with my mom and Felicia, since it's Mother's day. That should be a good movie? It sounds good.

I have a bunch o' projects due. My bookreport, due tomorrow.. I need to work on that, yo. It should be easy? Hopefully. I udually get 100 on all of them, so.. that should raise that grade up.. ehh..

Felicia "needs" to play some cubis... She is addicted..
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