May 5th, 2004


I am a reject, haha.

Geez.. I just tried to join a community called electroscene and.. well I'm feeling mighty rejected, lol. I have 3 no's so far, and only one yes. Hm, well.. I suppose that explains a lot.. haha...

Eh, Anyways, school was spiffy today. I received my FCAT scores for the NRT back and the FL writes. I got a 5 for the FL writes (1-6) and on the NRT I got two 7 for reading and math (1-9). Nothing special.. but I guess it's better than what I could have gotten. Yeah.. Go me. And this is counting that I'm not a great student/I get pretty crappy grades, lol.

I think today has been one of the best days I;ve had so far this month, yo! I don't have any homework to do (except.. well my bookreport due Friday, and my English Journal due next week) and well.. yeah. Today was good...

The only thing about today that spoiled it a bit was the crappy people in it! Uggh, so much drama. I now have the longest Hate-List I've ever had.. ehh... I don't like to hate, but these people deserve my hating.

I'll update laterrrr.



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What now biatch?

1.) Le Beer. So tempting..
2.) Erin gave into the temptation. Though, her jacket was currently accompanied by her hips.. so, well..
3.) I was peer pressured to take it. Mwa haha.

It was a success. No one noticed the big bulge in my jacket.

I bet you want us to go to your party.. PFFT.
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That Cashbah sound..

The O.C. is on tonight. I long to be there.. This is the last episode till fall(?). How depressing.

Tomorrow is another day of horrid school. I used to love going to school, and now.. I hate it. This year is just not "my" year.

I'm starting to think the ONLY one who "understands" me beside my parents (sometimes) is Erin.. Well, maybe, sometimes.
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