May 4th, 2004


And we're like "it's bettah than yours!"

Today was one hella weird day. I didn't accomplish much. Besides the fact that my teachers are "Nucking futs!"(that line is so stupid.. and for those who haven't seen the movie, it's from "Dickie Robert's : Former Child Star". That movies dope, yo.) classes were.. eh, well... spiffy.

For mother's day, I decided to make something crafty and nice, which.. eh, is surprising I guess. I'm making a scrap book with a bunch o' pictures. Hopefully mum likes it, since Felicia (sister) and I are putting a lot of consideration to it.. well Felicia is at least, haha.. Does my mum really deserve this? I mean, sure she's.. been a good mum, but.. she has lost her temper with me so much this year.

My computers making funny noises. Like it's going to blow up any minute now. I haven't turned it off for daysss.. haha.. *sigh*

I need a vacation.. like to Aruba or something... I also need a new pair of chucks. My black ones are dying. Gee, and I also need money, a new faster computer, freedom, and a life.
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    The Rasmus // In the Shadows

Can you say "underrated"?

I'm going to list the 5 top best c.d.s ever made-
+ The White Stripes \ Elephant
+ Anti-flag \ Mobilize
+ AFI \ Sing the Sorrow
+ Rooney \ Rooney
+ Linkin Park \ Hybrid Theory

And there you have it.

I'm bored. Please Excuse me..