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I got lance in my pants.

Yesterday, my dad has taken Felicia and I to check on our boat. We let one of my dad's "friends" work on it, since.. well, I don't know, my dad wanted to add something on. Yeah.. so, I entertained myself while I was there by playing with these wild cats that were over there. They were uber cute, haha. I took some pictures of them (which I'll post at the end of the entry).

Erin came over when we got home from the dude's house. We were supposed to watch "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton", and go in the pool. Except, it rained all night and there was some lightning, and we were too tired from Trivial Pursuit to actually watch the movie. We took some pictures.. I'm not going to post them all, because well.. to be frank, mine really sucked.

Here's a pic of Erin.. being emo.. haha.

This cat was the softest cat I've ever seen...

And well.. here's what Erin would look like at gun point. She says this picture flatters her looks, so I thought I'd post it, haha.

AHHH!!! memories of the LP concert, wOOt WooT! We were trying to well.. head bang. haha. This was.. a stupid.. picture.. but I thought I'd post it.. just for kicks.

yeah so those are the only pictures I'm going to post now..

I need a nap.

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