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And we're like "it's bettah than yours!"

Today was one hella weird day. I didn't accomplish much. Besides the fact that my teachers are "Nucking futs!"(that line is so stupid.. and for those who haven't seen the movie, it's from "Dickie Robert's : Former Child Star". That movies dope, yo.) classes were.. eh, well... spiffy.

For mother's day, I decided to make something crafty and nice, which.. eh, is surprising I guess. I'm making a scrap book with a bunch o' pictures. Hopefully mum likes it, since Felicia (sister) and I are putting a lot of consideration to it.. well Felicia is at least, haha.. Does my mum really deserve this? I mean, sure she's.. been a good mum, but.. she has lost her temper with me so much this year.

My computers making funny noises. Like it's going to blow up any minute now. I haven't turned it off for daysss.. haha.. *sigh*

I need a vacation.. like to Aruba or something... I also need a new pair of chucks. My black ones are dying. Gee, and I also need money, a new faster computer, freedom, and a life.

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    I got an official new journal. woo. ____letsroll add it, pleaseeee.

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    By Wednesday I will be offically grounded from the computer at home.


    Jackass people sure do piss me off. DUMB LADIES in the office can't even finish one stupid schedule, and swimming sucks. The majority of the team…

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